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I still see lots of site visitors who do not seem to become customers, and I do understand that attracting fish with electricity does sound gimmicky. Maybe this will help to convince you that I'm not a lunatic.

- 25% of my online sales are from repeat customers and at least another 25% are their friends.

- One of my north coast guide customers purchased 40 'tuned' spoons for 2018 because he easily outfishes fresh bait, and spoons in the end are cheaper by far.

- A US river guide has been using my products for several years with obvious success.

- Some Alaska commercial salmon trollers are multi year customers.

- Ice fishermen are having dramatic increases of perch and other species while using my Mini Tuners.

- I assisted a customer to turn his non-fishy boat into a productive boat by altering the boat's electrical signature in water. It was as simple as installing one jumper wire. I will continue to help anyone who asks.

- Do you have lures that should catch fish, but don't? Both boats as well as lures can and will repel fish.


  Welcome to the home of the  world's first 'voltage tuned fishing lures'. To help anglers understand this, you are probably all aware that some boats simply fish better than others. There is a reason for this phenomenon. Successful fishing is extremely dependant upon the boats electric signature in fresh and salt water. I live on Canada's west coast where often we have to fish down to depths of over 200 feet. If a boat here gives off a strong negative signature, that angler will have a difficult time catching fish, even beyond that depth. If a boat has a strong, positive signature, that angler might be considered by others as a 'highliner'. Yet, chances are, that angler doesn't know why. So, if you think that the effects can't be felt by fish over any distance, think again.

   Fishing lures have the same effect on some fish. They can be attracted to, or repelled by a lure's electric signature. As a career commercial salmon troller, I always used a 'black box' in order to create a positive voltage field around my lures, in order to increase my catch rate. When my experiments proved to myself that this concept worked with tackle, I could make a 'tuned' lure consistently outfish a plain identical one by 4 to 1 when trolled side by side on cutthroat trout and chinook salmon.

   In all honesty, anglers that are fishing from a boat that is already 'fishy', don't always see greatly increased results from my products. That is because their boat's signature is saturating the area with a positive field. For others ..... let me put it this way. A few years ago, I had an older gentleman drive 40 miles to come and see me. He said "I've been fishing all my life and looking for the 'holy grail'. I found it when I tried your lures and I wanted to shake your hand". He certainly made my day.

  How do I get the voltage on the lures? I use matched lure metals as the cathode and a specific alloy of an anode. When connected together, they form a galvanic corrosion cell where the anode corrodes away while protecting the lure metals. A by product of this corrosion is a long lasting, positive voltage field ....... still skeptical? 

Check out my research and testimonial pages.

Good fishin

       Al Dampier