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 Thanks for the extra lure for the shipping difference, that's great. I am involved with the Thunder Bay Salmon Association and you sent us some samples of your products . I used the mini inline tuner out ice fishing for perch this winter and felt it made a good difference. We had two lines outside of our hut and the lure charge got fifteen keepers and the other hole caught zero. We used the lure charge other times with success. I hope the spoons work as well . 


Thanks again 



"Fishing for the first season with Al's low voltage anodes has already been a great benefit, and I've not only caught more fish than usual but much larger fish as well".   Spin cast beach fishing with cut plug green label herring and a low voltage anode on split ring on top 2/0 Owner hook on mooching rig with 12lb. test.  10' 9" Berkley Air medium light spinning rod.     22lb. King  Thanks again & tight lines, Chris


Salmon caught on Lurecharge tackle.


As you know Al, Peter and I sell your Lurecharge products at Kitty Coleman Provincial Park on Vancouver Island for the third year now.  With all the pretty new spoon colours I picked the 4.0 army truck for my choice to start out the year. Well it didn’t let me down.’' I caught a 16 pd chinook within an hour.  So bragging my fish to the whole world, I made a sale to Mike (the guy up the road) and he went out three days later and caught a halibut, a pacific cod and a nice spring. Mike then purchase a second 4.0 army truck and took his dad out the following day and wouldn’t you know it ANOTHER halibut and a chinook. This is unheard of here. We might get three halibut the whole year.  Now we are selling out of this lure. I also used a lemon lime 4.0 last year with great success so hats off to you Al, keep up the great Here are the pictures to prove it!

Pete & Shelly Murphy - Managers of Kitty Coleman Park & boat Launch

chinook on Lurecharge Army Truck spoon
Halibut and king salmon on Lurecharge spoon


My first morning using my new Lurecharge spoons I caught 3 chinooks in a row. My fishing partner asked me, "what the hell are you using"? The next time out I caught 2 coho when nobody else around us was catching anything. With 'Black Box' technology being around for about 50 yrs, why did it take so long for someone to come up with voltage on the lures??? I'm a believer!

 Fred Clifford - Courtenay BC - Senior member of Courtenay Fish & Game


My wife and I were delighted to discover that the new LureCharge, 'voltage tuned' trolling spoons were highly effective in enticing fish into striking, and have effectively doubled our catch rate.  We fished extensively this summer using both LureCharge spoons, (with the anodes already attached), as well as 'voltage tuning' some of our own favorite lures with compact LureCharge products and helpful tutoring. Both scenarios worked equally as well on all species that we fished (from speckles to walleye, to lake trout, to pike). LureCharge, what an ingeniously simple yet effective product line for increasing one's catch rate!  We're 'positively hooked'!

 After a lifetime of using treble hooks, I have also been converted  to single, barbless hooks on all my spoons.
Pat & Joe Lepold - Waterloo, Ontario - retired and loving it.

lake trout on lurecharge spoon
pike caught on lurecharge spoon


Aug 18/15 

He'll Allan,I talked to the owner  at Tyee Tackle and made him feel bad that your Hoochie's were not in his store!!!
Your green hooch's worked awesome for us this year!!

Thank you 


My Reply

OK! Now you have to tell me the story. Don't tell me that my hoochie caught all of these fish before ......... breakfast? LOL


Aug 24/15

Yes all we used was your green hooch's , we tried plugs, spoons  with no luck, in the 2 weeks we were fishing we hooked into well over 100 fish The highlight was Denman island,we limited out on springs all over 18lbs in 4 hours including this 25 lbs bullet

Thanks again!



nice chinook and coho caught on Lurecharge hoochie

Gotta Love that expression!

nice king salmon on Lurecharge tackle